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Hey, Course Creator!

Can you imagine running an online course with endless successful students who actually complete your course, find success and sing your praises to others?

While there are many programs teach you to market and sell your course, the course optimizer academy teaches you how to create programs that can make your students become the master of their craft

essentially the secret to more profits.

The more success a course creator delivers, the bigger his or her brand becomes, with a course worthy of its price tag.

After all, student success is the soul of your whole program. With just some words of praise from them as a testimonial, you can build trust and credibility.

And when you’re trustworthy and credible, more people will believe what you're selling.

But, the reality is harsh. It’s not easy to run course biz online. After all, an online course is only as good as its structure and flow.

Nowadays, so many people are sharing their expertise through online courses. But, the problem is that their courses are unorganized and difficult to follow. Some are just a recorded presentation without actionable transformation items. They don't follow the continuum of learning.

Their students aren't finishing the courses because they're either giving too much information too fast that it overwhelms them. A lot of times there's no real world connection for the student. This can leave students

feeling to figure things out on their own.

When expectation are not being met, this can cause them to request refunds because they feel they aren’t getting the transformation that they want, that they paid for. They can feel that all of your hard work is not worth the price of your course. We don't want that to happen to you.

Many course creators are overselling and under delivering. This is a big problem. It affects their credibility and brand in a negative way so they don’t know who to trust.

Without active students who are finding success in an optimized curriculum, your whole online course will be dead and your students are off to find the next opportunity

promising to bring them success.

This is frustrating for course creators because creating a program that will help students achieve their success takes a lot of work.

It's not your fault. You have your expertise. But, if your expertise is not in teaching, learning, brain research, and how the brain learns, then of course you wouldn't know how to create a course that’s guaranteed to increase completion rates. That's ok because that's why I am here to help.

meet Marla

I am Marla Bainbridge Martinez

and I help course creators, like you,

organize and optimize their content so that their students can have an efficient learning experience.

I am an expert in curriculum development using the backward design system and curriculum mapping. I have helped teachers all over the world develop an aligned curriculum so that they deliver on their promise.

My story starts back in 2010, when I was working as an educational consultant with educators all around the globe.

I was helping them in designing an aligned curriculum that would help them to teach their students and deliver what was expected and keeping them engaged.

How did I do this?

I would put in place processes of curriculum review and analysis for schools to avoid gaps and redundancies in

curriculum programs.

I've always been an entrepreneur and I have owned lots of different businesses since I was 21 years old.

When I was a teacher in Mountain Brook, Alabama, I started learning more about Understanding by Design to plan

curriculum backwards and keep students focused and engaged based on an outcome goal.

I was always the kind of teacher that likes to keep students engaged. When I taught ancient history, our module on Ancient Egypt included the process of mummification. We mummified chickens in the back of our classroom to go through the mummification process.

I've always wanted to be involved in that kind of teaching and learning. And then when I started consulting, I really loved that helping other teachers accomplish that as well.

I loved the creative part of ensuring that all of the elements of a quality curriculum were in place so that the outcome will be engaging, positive and successful.

So, in 2010, I decided that I wanted to live a laptop life. I sold my car, my house, and everything I had and I quit my job. Then, I moved to Isla Mujeres, a Caribbean island near Cancun, Mexico, where I continued as an entrepreneur.

Once I arrived, I began searching for needs that I could solve. I started my own vacation rental business, where I helped market properties on the Island for rentals. I partnered with other businesses to collaborate, build and recommend each other and lift our other businesses using collaborative marketing and reviews and testimonials.

We now have multiple businesses that are grounded in tourism. Vacation Rentals, Concierge, Catering, Entertainment, and a Restaurant. When the pandemic started, the island shut down and our restaurant was closed. We had 15 families that worked for us that we needed to support. We needed to pivot.

I did everything I could and I started taking online courses just to learn new things. It was this that made me realize, they really weren’t that good.

I began exploring through numerous online courses. I purchased so many courses and rarely completed them or found success. This left me feeling frustrated and ashamed as well as a negative feeling about the course itself.

I noticed that there are millions of courses online and most of them cannot generate a transformation in the lives of their students. In fact, many of them were nothing more than a recorded presentation of information. Others were too much too fast and not engaging and left me feeling overwhelmed and feeling too far behind to catch up.

The stats about course completion are depressing and quite alarming...

Entrepreneurs are buying courses and they either quit midway or never do anything at all.

When I realized this, I kept thinking, “Gosh, I could help them. If they would just do a small tweak here and optimize that, it would dramatically increase the quality of their course.”

I researched to find out what were the problems happening with these online courses.

What I found out was that the main issue is that so many people talk about not finishing a course and how many courses they've invested in and never opened and, or never finished.

Even two of the high ticket courses that I've taken. I don't think I really stayed engaged the whole way from start to finish.

This is not how your students will learn.

Understanding where your students are at right now and giving them what they need, when they are ready for it and how they can best understand and apply it to their life is the answer. This is the transformation.

Courses have to keep their students engaged. When life happens and they have to step away, give them opportunities to step back in and complete the course and get success because the real way they’re going to make more money with online courses is by selling more online courses.

And, if you want to sell more courses, you need to have the validation and social proof to prove that your methods are working. But, how will you get amazing testimonials, reviews, and referrals if you can’t keep you students engaged?

This is when I realized that I actually have this skill and can help these struggling course creators find a solution to this enormous problem.

Most course creators know the importance of reviews to create trust and social proof. But, they don’t have a strategy to keep students engaged in their course to complete it and give the review.

And if this is a huge problem you are facing, then I am here to help you.

The Course Optimizer Academy approaches course creation from the inside out through a backward design process.

It’s based on brain research and learning experience that I’ve mastered

over the years. It’s designed to help struggling course creators create a system where they’ll be able to get testimonials and referrals from their students who have found success in their program or course.

This translates into more revenue for you with increased enrollment because your students are telling others about their experience.

Customer journey is the key.

What To Expect?

Using my signature refocus filter system, you can create a profitable online course business that’s guaranteed to create champions. So we will teach you the following:

  • How to make your course worthy of its price point
  • How to get started building the course
  • How to not overwhelm students using a proven learning continuum
  • How to get more people the results you promise from your course
  • How to use milestones and incentives to increase your course completion rates through gamification
  • How to scale your online course by getting reviews, referrals and testimonials.

Who is this for?


who want to learn how to get referrals and

testimonials on-demand.

Experienced course CREATORS

who want to optimize an online course that will help transform the lives of their students efficiently.

Don’t make these rookie mistakes!

Most people think that these are important things you need when creating your online course:

  • You have to create and complete your course before you can sell it.
  • You will need a fancy technology stack with a pretty sales page
  • Students will buy anything, just build it, they will come.
  • Students will tell people about you if the course, all on their own.

If you are doubting yourself or you are hesitating to create an online course because you think you really need these things, stop there for a second.

You don’t need these things because a world-class course with an optimized curriculum that is aligned to the transformation it promises, will sell itself when you build in the

testimonials into the curriculum.

You just need one.

One success story. One case study. Just start with one.

You cannot improve what you do not start.

Once you’ve transformed the life of one person and turned them into success story and they tell others about it, more people will be compelled to buy your course even more.

After all, you can have all the fancy funnels and sales pages in the world,

but if the organization, pacing and flow of your course doesn’t deliver on your promise

of the transformation, then it won’t matter.

Why Join Us?

There are lots of programs out there that teach the sales and marketing strategy of your online course

business. They’ll teach you how to become an authority in your business and validate your business.

These components are key components.

however, they’re forgetting the basic fundamentals needed by an online course. And that is how to create a

curriculum in a way that keeps your students engaged and is structured correctly and worthy of your programs price tag.

As an experienced course consultant, I specialize in curriculum content design. I help course creators get their content organized and optimized for an efficient learning experience for their students so that they

have higher completion rates and more social proof.

With higher success rates, comes more glowing reviews from raving fans that turns into more opportunities to help more people. It also decreases the number of refund requests that they receive.

I use the best practices that I’ve learned from years of experience and brain research incorporated into my course to ensure that enrolled students complete the course successfully.

If course creators can create an optimized online curriculum for their course, it entices their students to complete it with success so that you get those reviews, referrals, and return clients.

We cover everything in the Course Optimizer Academy.

We will give you everything you need to fine tune and deconstruct your curriculum’s framework.

This is to make sure you can track where the thread of transformation is happening in your online course.

It also allows you to find out the pieces of information that you need to remove

because they’re unnecessary for your students.

Your Big Transformation is waiting for you!

Now, imagine this: You wrap up a masterclass with hundreds of students.

Then, you are bombarded with emails from people who want to sign up for your program

because they want the results that you can give to them.

Isn’t that why you wanted to start your own online course?

If you join The Course Optimizer Academy Today,

We’ll make sure that you’ll make this dream of yours into a reality.

We will help you:

  • Map out curriculum using key categories so you can deliver the results that you promised to your students and avoid refund requests.
  • Create a content outline so your students can get a true learning experience that will help them walk away with wins.
  • Organize your lessons so your students will not be overwhelmed using proven methods based on brain research. This will reduce the number of students dropping out or not completing the course and increase your success stories and student reviews and testimonials.
  • You have to create and complete your course before you can sell it.

Our Success Stories

If you are doubting whether The Course Optimizer is for you,

I’ll let the success stories of our students tell the real story here:

Now, this course will be increasing to $5,000 in 2022

and people will still buy it because they know that I can help

them get results in 6 weeks.

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Terms And Condition of Purchase

The Course Optimizer Academy is unlike any other program because

we want to make sure that all of our students will achieve the results that they want.

It's not like any info products out there where you'll be left "to figure things out" on your own.

We ensure that we will provide you all the support you need.

This is the reason we only want "action takers" to sign up for this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for start-up course creators?

Yes, it is! In fact, we will make sure to guide you every step of your way, especially if you are new to this.

You don’t have to worry about not knowing everything about course creation. As long as you have a course running, then we can help you out in increasing your completion rate and getting more reviews, referrals, and testimonials!

How do I start with Course Optimizer Academy?

It's really simple. Once you sign up, you'll receive immediate access to the training portal to help you come up with a strategy to increase your student’s completion rate so you can get amazing reviews from them.

Do I need any cool technology, gadgets, or software for this?

No, you don’t need to. You only need the online assets you have right now.

The rest will be up to us on how we will optimize your online lessons.

How fast can I get results?

To be honest, success is subjective because this workshop is just a road map that will help you get where you want to be. Your success still depends on how you will follow the methods that you’ll be learning from us and your effort in implementing the strategies that we’re going to share with you.

Is this a one-time payment, or are there add-ons that I need to buy?

You only need to pay once. Our program is a complete package that contains everything you need.

Tools, tutorials, and LIVE weekly group coaching at no additional charge!

Module 1 :

Validating Your

Course Idea

Module 2 :

Defining Your

End Results

Module 3 :

Student Engagement


Module 4 :

Chunking Your Content Into Manageable Segments

Module 35:

Lesson Delivery, Action

Items and Milestones

Module 4 :

Applying the REFOCUS Filter System To Ensure Your Course is Optimized and Worthy of the Price Tag